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Enjoy a "Tea-riffic" Valentine's Day with Our "Bouquet" of Floral Teas

Enjoy a "Tea-riffic" Valentine's Day with Our "Bouquet" of Floral Teas

February 14th, Valentine's Day, is a date many of us have marked on our calendars to shower those we care about with gestures to say, "I love you!". Whether playing Cupid or just looking to make someone smile, we recommend pampering your sweetheart, friend, or even yourself with a bouquet of floral teas! These dried flowers not only smell amazing but will last more than a few days and can be sipped on over and over. They simply are a great reminder to anyone of just how much you care. 

A fresh bouquet of flowers will certainly bring out a smile and brighten one's day, but so do organic teas with floral bouquets. Teas are more than just a drink to consume. In fact, drinking tea is a time to relax and cherish. In a world that is overflowing with "to-do" lists and stirring from sunup to sundown, a gift of tea encourages one to take some time to relax, reflect, and revive. Whether you choose one of our recommended Valentine's teas or other types of teas, we encourage everyone to find some time for a little extra love (and tea) in their life. 

Start Your Morning with the Right Cup of Tea

Every morning is an ideal time to slow down to speed up. Reclaim your time and energy by relaxing while sipping on a cup of tea to supercharge your day. You may be reading the newest self-help book, listening to uplifting music, journaling, or meditating. Having a slower morning is a way to take control of your day before it officially begins. We often get swept up in freely giving away our personal time to our children, boss, friends, or family more than we ever give ourselves. This eventually will lead to burnout, anxiety, stress, and unhappiness. Slower mornings lower stress levels, promote the ability to be in the present moment, and allow self-care time. So, while you're making the most of your quiet morning routine, enjoy a fresh cup of our Sencha Sunrise. It's like sipping on a cup of sunshine. It combines our sweet and smooth Japanese Sencha green tea with floral, fruity, and herbal accompaniments.  It is naturally sweetened with organic stevia leaf, and has a pink hue to the brew from the organic hibiscus within the blend. This hand-crafted blend is definitely one to love, as it leaves you feeling alert and ready to start your day.

There are many other teas to enjoy in the morning, but our Sencha Sunrise hibiscus tea blend is absolutely top-notch!

Valentines Tea for self-love

Pair Your Chocolates with Tea

If you're going to enjoy your Valentine's Day to the fullest, then you certainly want to pair your chocolate with a dynamic tea to make your mouth water. Berry Bliss Yaupon tea will do just that! Think chocolate and strawberries! Not only is this one-of-a-kind blend mood-enhancing and has caffeine to give you a mid-day boost, but its caffeine source, roasted yaupon tea leaves, is local to our hometown of St. Augustine, Florida. You'll find your heart pumping with joy as you discover how well it pairs with the tangy hibiscus and rosehips and is balanced with floral and aromatic jasmine. That's not all! Last but certainly not least, this blend is accompanied by the indulgent flavors of dried fruits to make it extra special and one of the best herbal teas that couples up so well with everyone's beloved chocolates. Sit down, curl up, and enjoy this bright, fruity, uplifting tea for a special moment of BLISS with your special someone.

Teas and Chocolate pair well at Cultivate Tea and Spice


Boost Your Mood & Your Immune System

Floral tea benefits our health and overall wellness, especially during this season. It may be the season for love, but it is not always so joyful when you're overwhelmed with winter sniffles and coughs. No need to be blue! We've got just the bouquet for you! Floral Fusion tea blend is a showstopper all on its own and is definitely one of the best flowering teas on the market. When you need a little boost or "pick me up," you'll find this refreshing and fragrant blend full of organic flowers, fruits, and herbs naturally sweetened with organic stevia. This blend is truly the heart and soul of flowering teas, and we know you'll find it refreshing either hot or iced. 

Valentines Day Tea Blend with Floral Fusion Tea

Stop and Smell the Roses

Unlike Cupid's darts that are lovingly sent to bring sweethearts together, you have probably ended a day where you felt like darts from all directions were thrown at you. Following a day like that, it's probably true to say that you spent some time with the lights out trying to unwind and fall asleep, yet your mind kept racing. When days like this come your way, our Zen Chamomile blend offers a relaxing floral bouquet that is grounding and soothing and brings a sort of peace and calm your way. Its floral tea benefits from lavender and tulsi; both embody detoxifying and restorative properties by nature and naturally leave you with a sense of harmony and balance so you can enjoy a deep night's rest.  

Valentines Teas

So, if you, your friend, or your "honey" are new to the world of teas, we recommend making their tea brewing experience even more enjoyable with our EZ Brew Tea Maker and EZ Brew Drawstring Bags. It's simple, easy to use, and most importantly, it is easy to clean up.  

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Make them fall in love with a “bouquet of tea”…and, of course, YOU!

Velentines Tea at Cultivate Tea and Spice
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