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Sencha Henta Saemidori

Size: 10 Gram Sample Pouch

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Mr. Henta is a knowledgeable organic green tea farmer growing eight different cultivars of tea plants on his farm in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan.  The farm is surrounded by a dense forest and small mountains, making it a natural and beautiful setting to grow organic green tea.  The Saemidori Sencha is mildly sweet and rich in its savory umami flavor profile.  The liquor is thicker and slightly syrupy, indicating the l-theanine content is quite high.  Saemidori Sencha is fairly high in caffeine, but the high l-theanine content creates a balanced and sustained energy that can be referred to as a relaxed alertness similar to that of a high-quality matcha green tea.  Be sure to steep each serving at least 3 times, observing and savoring the slight variances in flavor notes throughout each steep.

Brewing Instructions:

Quantity:  5 grams of tea with 200 ml water

Temperature:  160 degrees F

First Steep:  1 min.

Second Steep:   20 sec.

Third Steep:  20 sec.

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Size: 10 Gram Sample Pouch