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Puer Tuocha

Puer Tuocha

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In making Puer Tuocha, more mature leaves are selected in summer, sun-dried, steamed, and then shaped into bowls with a bit of moisture to allow a natural fermentation that darkens the leaves' color during the aging process.


Organic Oolong Puer tea (Contains Caffeine)

Brewing Instructions

Each tea is unique and can be brewed differently according to personal preference.  We provide brewing instructions as a starting point, but we encourage you to experiment with each tea and find the quantity, steep time, and number of infusions that works for you.  

Temperature: 200°  Quantity: 1 -2  tsp  Time: 1 - 6 minutes 

Approximately 20 - 40 servings per 0.7 ounce pouch. 

The pouch comes with 4 individually wrapped puer bowls. Each bowl can be steeped up to 10 times, still resulting in a nice dark cup of tea and revealing subtle flavor changes from savory to sweet. This would result in a maximum of 40 cups of tea per pouch.