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Matcha - Organic Ceremonial Grade
Matcha - Organic Ceremonial Grade
Matcha - Organic Ceremonial Grade
Matcha - Organic Ceremonial Grade

Matcha - Organic Ceremonial Grade

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Our organic ceremonial grade Matcha is grown by Henta-san, a 2nd generation tea farmer whose property spans across 45 acres of the Kagoshima prefecture of Japan, surrounded by dense forests and small mountains.  The tea is shade grown for a portion of the season, harvested in the spring, and stone ground resulting in a vibrant green and deliciously smooth Matcha Green Tea.

Organic shade-grown matcha is considered a super food, rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, caffeine, and a range of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Whisk in hot water for a traditional cup, add frothed milk for a matcha latte, add to smoothies, or get creative with drinks like matcha lemonade and matcha soda.  Matcha can also be shaken vigorously in a bottle of cold water for a quick nutritious energy boosting beverage.

Makes approximately 40 servings.


Organic Green Tea Powder 

Brewing Instructions

Each tea is unique and can be brewed differently according to personal preference. We provide brewing instructions as a starting point, but we encourage you to experiment with each tea and find the quantity, steep time, and number of infusions that works for you.  

1.  Add1 tsp matcha powder into a bowl or cup.

2.  Add 3-4 oz 175 degree (not boiling) water.

3.  Whisk in a zig zag motion until well mixed and light froth forms.

4.  Enjoy as is, or add hot water or steamed milk to taste.


Keep tightly sealed in a cool, dry location.  Can be stored in the refrigerator to preserve freshness, as long as it is tightly sealed to avoid absorption of moisture.