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Fill Your Cup & Sip on Nature's Goodness

Fill Your Cup & Sip on Nature's Goodness

Enjoy 6 Matcha Benefits that Support Your Overall Health

Over the past decade, matcha tea has exponentially grown in popularity, and nowadays, it can be found in most coffee and tea shops across the United States. The exciting truth is that matcha is more than your average green tea! In fact, its savory and earthy notes, coupled with its unique shade-growing process, make matcha a cherished tea full of antioxidants and a wide range of health benefits.   

Here are 6 reasons we choose to fill our cup with ceremonial grade matcha so we have the energy to face the day and "pour into others."

Supports Weight Loss

Matcha green tea is filled with EGCg, which is a natural compound found in many plants, fruits, and vegetables. When EGCg and caffeine are coupled together, they work naturally to boost one's metabolism and increase the number of calories and fat burned each day. (1) We encourage you to enjoy your daily matcha latte iced or hot as long as you are sweetening your matcha with a natural sweetener such as honey or monk fruit to avoid unnecessary calories and artificial sweeteners.

Protects the Liver 

Your liver's number one priority is to flush out and rid the body of toxins that pass through the blood, and we can thank matcha for helping the liver out. As a result of its high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, matcha benefits the liver by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. This prevents the risk of liver diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, and liver cancer, giving you more of a reason to drink up! (2)  

Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels 

Drinking premium quality matcha also has the ability to lower your LDL cholesterol levels while ramping up your good HDL cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol is the type that contributes to various health conditions, such as strokes and heart attacks. Drinking matcha maintains healthy HDL cholesterol and fights off the build-up in your arteries. (3

Boosts Overall Immune System 

The shelves at the grocery stores are full of sugary drinks filled with food coloring and added sugar that bombards the immune system. The catechin, known as EGCg, naturally found in matcha is effective in warding off viruses and bacteria in the body. Think of matcha tea as your home security system that spots unwanted bacteria in the body, fights them off, and limits their ability to grow in your body. Say no thank you to all those bacterial and viral infections! (4) We give you complete permission to ask for "More matcha, please!"  

Increases Focus and Lowers Anxiety

For those of you who have ever felt anxious or unable to focus, there is good news for you! Drinking matcha on a regular basis has been known to increase focus and lower levels of anxiety. Matcha tea consists of a high concentration of L-theanine, which is an amino acid that calms the effect caffeine has on the nervous system. Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier enables it to give you a state of relaxation and alertness within 30-40 minutes of consumption. (6) It makes a great beverage to sip on while studying or working on a project or when you're looking to kick those jitters to the curb! 

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Heart health is a rising concern across the United States. To date, it is one of the leading causes of death, as documented by the American Heart Association (7). In good news, matcha benefits and supports the overall cardiovascular system by preventing additional plaque build-up, the thickening of tissue around the heart, and other heart-related conditions such as heart attacks.(8)

This mighty and powerful cup of goodness is definitely worth all the talk. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so we encourage you to take advantage of the matcha benefits surrounding your overall health. Just remember, you'll maximize those benefits from drinking a high-quality matcha. Although we hope matcha will sweeten your day, we encourage you to use natural sweeteners. 

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