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The Datil Pepper: A Local St. Augustine Legend

The Datil Pepper: A Local St. Augustine Legend

Meet our legendary datil pepper! Locally sourced in our hometown of St. Augustine, Florida, the datil pepper originates on the island of Minorca, which is located off the coast of Spain. Thanks to the Spanish explorers who settled in St. Augustine in the late 1700s, the datil pepper is a cherished ingredient in St. Augustine. (1). You'll often find many native to the St. Augustine area are quite proud of our hometown pepper. 

The datil pepper is small yet packed with tons of flavor and a kick of heat, too. It is not nearly as spicy as a ghost pepper; however, you'll find it is hotter than a jalapeño. Many people compare the datil pepper to a habanero, but we feel this legend stands out due to its sweet and tangy taste. (2). 

Datil peppers add flavor and flare to many dishes! At Cultivate Tea & Spice Company, we love using them in hot sauces, salsas, dips, and, of course, creating unique spice blends. Our Datil Citrus Salt has blended this one-of-a-kind pepper with orange and lemon peel, among various organic spices, including garlic and onion, to make a genuinely unique and spicy seasoned salt. You can literally use it with just about anything! 

Here are 10 ways we love to use our housemade Datil Citrus Salt. 

1. Seafood

The Datil Citrus salt makes a great addition to many of your favorite seafood dishes. Just use your grinder to evenly sprinkle it on top of your fillet and grill or broil your fish as desired.

2. Poultry

The Datil Citrus Salt blend makes an excellent poultry blend, especially if you pair it with our garlic powder! Whether you're cooking baked chicken or putting it on the grill, you'll enjoy this unique combination of flavors. 

3. Roasted vegetables

If you're a big fan of roasted veggies, our Datil Citrus Salt is a true game-changer! Combine our Datil Citrus Salt with a little bit of olive oil or cooking oil of your choice and a dash of garlic pepper to your favorite veggies. To get you started, we highly suggest adding it to oven-roasted or air-fried carrots, broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower.

4. Popcorn

Think of next-level kettle corn. The Datil Citrus Salt combines the sweetness of the citrus with the salty sea salt and zippy flavor from the Datil pepper. It makes for a delicious treat on movie night!

5. Eggs

How do you like your eggs? Whether you cook your eggs scrambled, over easy, or over hard, this blend adds a pop of flavor to your morning. 


6. Avocado Toast

Hands down, adding Datil Citrus Blend takes your ordinary avocado toast to the next level. Spread your seasoned avocado mash on your piece of toast. Lightly drizzle some olive oil over the toast and top it with the Datil Citrus Blend.  

7. Macaroni and cheese

Say goodbye to bland macaroni and cheese by sprinkling our Datil Citrus Blend on top for a bit of zip and zest. 

8. Pasta with Garlic & Olive Oil

Add a pinch or a dash of Datil Citrus Salt to your pasta tossed with Garlic and Olive Oil. This is exceptionally tasty if you combine it with roasted or sauteed vegetables of choice. 

9. Soups

It has been reported that the Datil Citrus Salt makes a great addition to many soups. Some of our clients rave about how much they love using it in their chili, while others have shared how much they enjoy it with potato sour or even butternut squash soup. 

10. Cocktails! 

Need we say more? After a long day at the office, or if you want to kick back with friends, you can add a little spice to your favorite adult beverages.

Kick up the flavor and make your next dish legendary. Order your Datil Citrus Salt blend hereHappy cooking and eating!

        Cultivate Tea & Spice Company's Datil Citrus Salt


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