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Loose Leaf Tea for Beginners

Loose Leaf Tea for Beginners


What is Loose Leaf Tea and Why Will You Love It?  Loose leaf tea in the simplest terms is tea that is not pre-packed in a tea bag.  The tea that is often used in tea bags is considered the tea dust and is of much lower quality than the full leaf tea we should all be brewing.  These tea "fannings" are tea leaves broken into very small pieces which negatively affects the taste and the benefits.  Tea leaves that are broken into small pieces lose beneficial essential oils, become stale much quicker, and are more bitter due to higher amounts of tannins being released when it brews.  Whole leaf tea on the other hand unfurls as it steeps retaining more freshness in it's flavor and leaving you with a much better cup, and an increase in the health benefits of the tea or herbs.

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea 

Step 1:  Place 1 - 2 teaspoons of desired tea into an infuser.  If you need one, click the image below for an easy, affordable, and reusable infuser.

Step 2:  Bring 8 oz of water to the temperature recommended on the label of each individual tea package.


Step 3:  Place your tea infuser in your mug and pour hot water to fill your mug.


Step 4:  Let steep for the recommended amount of time that is indicated on the label of each tea package, then remove your infuser.


Step 5:  Enjoy your perfectly brewed organic tea! 

Then enjoy again as our high quality organic teas are good for at least 2 - 3 steeps.



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