King of the Grill Spice Set

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Spice gift pack 2.jpg
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King of the Grill Spice Set



King of the Grill Spice Set is the perfect gift for your favorite outdoor chef.  Fire up the grill and let these seasoning blends bring out the best in any cut of meat.  From sweet and smoky to a zesty island spice, this gift pack offers all the flavors you’ll need to be crowned “King of the Grill”

Includes 5 Spice bottles

   - Alderwood Smoked Salt , 2.4 oz. bottle

   - Blackened Seasoning, 0.9 oz. bottle

   - Coffee BBQ Rub, 1 oz. bottle 

   - Jamaican Jerk, 1.4 oz. bottle  

   - Superior Steak, 1.4 oz. bottle


Alderwood Smoked Salt  - Pacific Sea Salt slow smoked over real Pacific Alder Wood. Add a real pit smoke flavor to any dish, dip, snack, rub, or sauce. A little goes a long way!  INGREDIENTS: Alder Wood Smoked Sea Salt, 2.4 oz. bottle

Blackened Seasoning  -  An exciting blend of herbs and spices that will add a Caribbean flare to any meal. INGREDIENTS:  Organic smoked paprika, sea salt, organic ground black pepper, organic cayenne pepper, organic thyme, organic sugar, organic basil, organic onion powder, organic oregano, organic garlic powder. 0.9 oz. bottle

Coffee BBQ Rub - A sweet, spicy, and savory BBQ blend made with locally roasted coffee.  Add a burst of flavor to anything on the grill! INGREDIENTS:  Organic ground coffee beans, organic smoked paprika, organic brown sugar, kiawe smoked sea salt, alder wood smoked sea salt, sea salt, organic garlic powder, organic thyme, organic onion powder, organic cumin,  organic mustard powder, organic oregano, organic marjoram, organic cayenne pepper.  1 oz. bottle 

Jamaican Jerk - An intoxicating blend of sweet and peppery herbs and spices. Rub or sprinkle generously on any meat, fish, or even vegetables. INGREDIENTS:  Sea salt, organic brown sugar, organic minced onion, organic garlic, organic thyme, organic black pepper, organic all spice, organic paprika, organic cayenne, organic onion powder, organic parsley, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg, organic crushed red pepper, organic cumin. 1.4 oz. bottle  

Superior Steak - A robust blend of course ground rainbow peppercorns, kiawe smoked sea salt, garlic, onion and a range of herbs and spices that will perfectly complement any cut!  INGREDIENTS:  Kiawe smoked sea salt, organic rainbow peppercorns, sea salt, organic minced onion, organic coriander, organic minced garlic, organic rosemary, organic thyme, organic red pepper, and organic dill. 1.4 oz. bottle


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