Simply Spearmint


Simply Spearmint

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Spearmint is similar to peppermint, but with slightly sweeter taste. It got it’s name from it’s leaf shape, which resembles a spear head. Our spearmint is sourced from organic farms in the United States. The flavor is strong and very refreshing hot or iced. It is also often enjoyed with sugar or honey for a sweeter tea.


Organic Dried Spearmint Leaves

Brewing Instructions

Each tea is unique and can be brewed differently according to personal preference.  We provide brewing instructions as a starting point, but we encourage you to experiment with each tea and find the quantity, steep time, and number of infusions that works for you.  

Temperature: 200°  Quantity: 1 - 2 tsp  Time: 3 - 5 minutes 

Approximately 15 servings per 1 ounce pouch.  (And each serving can be re-steeped 1 -2 times.)

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